Angeline Bartley
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I'm dedicated to ensuring My clients look great, But more importantly, move well. most clients begin training with the goal of increasing muscle tone and losing body fat. While this Objective is inevitable with any well-designed fitness program, my focus extends beyond body composition.

My work begins by addressing imbalances through flexibility and mobility training. Once a sound foundation has been established, intensity is increased by exploring movement patterns that enhance balance, agility, strength, and power. The result is a body that is both aesthetically gratifying and built to thrive.





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Flexibility exercises lengthen and stretch muscles for total-body improvement and injury prevention.






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mobility Work Improves The range of motion of joints and muscles in order to increase efficiency, movement patterns and overall performance.




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Balance work promotes overall body control by increasing stability, improving postural alignment and boosting core development. 




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agility Exercises improve athletic performance and day-to-day movement Patterns by strengthening the mind-body connection, increasing coordination and improving recovery time. 




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strength training improves body mechanics while developing muscle mass, promoting bone health and improving overall body composition.  




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Power Exercises improve the nervous system's ability to react and generate force.